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Researching topics in the AUTOSAR standard can be time consuming and frustrating. Information is commonly distributed across many domain PDFs and hard to find. Classic Autosar R21-11 alone has 256 PDFs with almost 27,000 pages. Docusar is a web app that organizes PDFs and provides search features for humans. Advanced features are planned around collaboration, views, semantic searches and object tracking. Docusar is offered free of charge for the Classic Platform versions 4.3.1 and R21-11.

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Organize & Read

Docusar organizes AUTOSAR PDFs in an opinionated tree based on the AUTOSAR domains. The tree including chapters can be filtered using a fast fuzzy search engine. PDFs can be viewed and users can jump directly to PDFs, chapters and search results.

Deep search

Recursive fuzzy full-text search in hundreds of PDFs in less than a second. Search fragments are listed as they appear in the PDFs and scores are visually indicated in the document tree.

Open issue tracker

All continuous product development is tracked in a public Github repository. Users are encouraged to submit bug reports or ideas for enhancements.

Collaboration (coming)

Create bookmarks, comments and views around topics. Share them with others.

Semantic search (coming)

Docusar extracts configuration & template parameters, definitions, architectural diagrams and more domain specific AUTOSAR PDF features so they are available for searching.

Object tracking (coming)

PDF objects such as requirements and specifications are detected by Docusar. Links to those can be resolved across PDF boundaries. Object content can be compared across AUTOSAR versions.


Docusar hosts a subset of the Classic AUTOSAR 4.3.1 PDFs that are available without signing up.

To access it, open the app and click on the Demo collection.
In the next window click on Sign in (anonymously).

Here is a screenshot of the Classic Autosar R21-11 collection:




Read AUTOSAR Classic 4.3.1 and R21-11 documentation free of charge

Self sign-up

PDF organization and fuzzy filtering

Deep search

Paid (coming)

More AUTOSAR versions and power features

More Classic AUTOSAR versions

Support for Adaptive AUTOSAR

Collaboration features

Semantic search

Object tracking

🧡 Support ongoing development

🧡 Compensation for hosting costs

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